A little about me... 

I grew up in the golden Midwest sun two hours west of Chicago in the middle of no where.

Discovering my love for photography, I decided early on to pursue my dreams and turn my visual art into a full-time career. 15 years later and a lot of hard work I am grateful to be doing what I love. 

I work hard to capture the essence of my subjects - whether celebrities or everyday people – with my west coast lifestyle approach. 

My shoots are known for having a professionally focused atmosphere while at the same time remaining laid back and comfortable. I want people to leave my shoots feeling as if they just hung out with a friend for the day. Thats the key to great images.

I consistently deliver moments that radiate the California vibe through sun-filled, colorful and free spirited images which are both commercially viable and artistically inspiring. 

If I am not adventuring with my son Austin.....You will most likely find me at a beach, sipping iced coffee, planting cactus, or making art in my studio Casa Del Sol.